Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay maybe I am obsessed with blue eyeshadow ..

Hi girls! I apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I thought! My finals are coming up so, I'm super busy with school right now. I promise to atleast update two times a week when summer begins :)

Since I havn't been able to do any new looks yet, I'm just going to post an old look I did in February to an Indian formal. I always think blue is my least used eyeshadow but most of my the looks I post have blue in it!

Yea I look really tired and work out in that picture, it was taken at the end of the night so I kinda was. We really didn't take many pics that night so here are the crappy ones that I could find! 

MAC Solar White
LORAC Celebutante (LOVE)
MAC Freshwater
MAC Prussian
MAC Nehru
LORAC Debut e/s

NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli
MUFE HD concealer
LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush - Exposed

MAC Chatterbox
MAC Love Nectar (although the lips are totally faded in the last two pics)

Thanks for looking! 


missy_ellie_uk said...

Blue is a good colour to be obsessed with - it looks really good on you!

Ellie x

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

Blue looks great on you! I rarely do blue eye shadow on myself, but maybe I need to start. :)

Jane said...

So pretty! I need to wear more blue eyeshadow!

Saimese said...

Your makeup & blush is always on point! love it

Salina said...

Its so prettyyy

Joey Anna said...

This look is great! And you have like the hugest eyes ever! Pretty.

Nada Makeup said...

hey u got a real skill hun i got a make up contest to win lush goodies if ur interested

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

you pull of blue quite well!!! its an awesome look :D

Musicalhouses said...

I love your skills! You look awesome in blue :)

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Really, really gorgeous colors!! Love them :D

Unknown said...

Love the colors!


tickledP!NK said...

this look is beautiful!!!!

* ClaudsMakeupCorner * said...

Hi. I came across your blog and think its preety cool so I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check it out here:

Keep up the good work

Amanda said...

Great combination of colors I love it

Laura Beth said...

Love that you post all your fun eyeshadow looks!

my blog is makeuponmind.blogspot

xox Laura Beth

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Just found your blog! Love it. Gorgeous photos!
Going to read your older posts now :-)


Kristie said...

You look great with this blue eye combo. Beautiful!!

Bettie said...

what an AMAZING look!! :O

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