Saturday, March 27, 2010

Double-winged liner ...

Hey ladies! nothing too special about this FOTD, I was just bored so I decided to playy :)

This look was really quick and surprisingly eaaaaaasy. All I did was extend my eyeliner and throw on some black and brown eyeshadow eyeshadow. That's IT. I used tape to get a straight upper liner, then smudged black e/s (Carbon) on the edges and tempting e/s all over the lid blended into the carbon. Drew on the lower wing with liquid eyeliner and took phloof with an eyeliner brush and carefully placed it in-between the two wings. And then I just threw on some falsies to add to the drama :) 

Thanks for looking! :)

NOTD China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"

Love LOVE LOVEE this polish! Who doesn't have it and love it too?! It's a gorgeous pink colour with gold and copper sparkles. Now my ultimate  mission is to find a lipstick that's EXACTLY like this polish .. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Classic Grey-Black Smokey eye

Hi ladies! This is my go-to black smokey/porn-star look :P It took me forever to find the style and shades that worked for me. I have a lot of lid space so black all over my lid (that I see in almost every black smokey look) looked REALLY weird and messy on me. So after some trials and errors and some "raccoon" nights, I've settled on this look. What do you ladies think?

Revlon PR - it made my face look so much whiter than my neck in pictures. It matches in real life, I promise :)
CARGO Blu Ray pressed Powder - 30
MAC Desert Rose
NARS Albatross

MAC Chatterbox l/s
MAC Rayothon l/g

MAC Greasepaint stick
MAC Carbon
MAC Knight Devine
Too Faced e/s duo on "ooh & aah"
CARGO Essential Palette
Stila Convertible eye colour in onyx
L'oreal Colorstay eyeliner
MUFE lashes

Monday, March 22, 2010

NOTD China Glaze "Turned up Turquoise" with some Art Deco Nail Art

So I got some LA Colors Nail Art lacquers the other day for the heck of it and decided to play around with them. I've been wearing "Turned Up Turquoise" (which I LOVE) for a couple of days now and was getting bored with it so I decided to draw on it to change it up a bit. I was too lazy and had no time to apply a fresh new polish, so here is what I came up with ..

And here is what was used ...

Btw, this polish is darker, more greener in person than the pictures show. But it's still SUPER gorgeous. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Umm Hi! + an old FOTD...

So I finally have a blog ..YAY! I hope to share FOTDs, reviews, swatches, lemmings and random rambling about makeup with the fellow makeup freaks :)

So to begin, I'll be sharing a few FOTDs I've done in the past, and once we catch on, I'll post some new ones that you hopefully havn't already seen on makeupalley! Btw I'm "n33rja" on makeupalley. Now you can all stalk me there.. :) lol

I did this look as a part "dupe a fellow MUAer" challenge on MUA ...

I used:

MAC Sea Me Shadestick,
MAC Freshwater e/s,
MAC Deep Truth e/s,
Mufe #92,
MAC Stars n' Rockets,
MAC Shroom,
L'oreal Colorstay eyeliner,
Stila kajal eyeliner.

How to get this look:
1. Apply an eyeshadow base all over the lid and upto the browbone
2. Use a blue cream base (Mac Sea Me shadestick) and apply to the entire lid area avoiding the crease
3. Take a fluffy brush (Mac 217) and blend the edges ..or use your fingers
4. Digggg into a blue eyeshadow (Mac Freshwater) and pat it all over the lid area on top of the blue base
5. Next, take a darker blue (Mac Deep Truth) and pat it on the outer > of your lid area, going a little bit into the crease
6. Take a bright purple eyeshadow (MUFE #92) with a pointy crease brush and start working it into the crease, not going past the middle of the crease. Build up the intensity.
7. Take a pinky purple eyeshadow (Mac Stars n' Rockets) with a fluffy brush (Mac 224) and brush it over the crease and into the high crease. Use a smaller brush and take the pink-purple all the way around the blue near the inner eye
8. Brush your highlight (Mac Shroom) along your browbone.
9. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner and add lashes for the extra drama :) oh, and on the waterline and the lower lashes if you'd like.

and're DONE !